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The workplace is the place were you spend almost a third of your life, so it’s very important to be happy and doing something you enjoy! Contentment at work and job satisfaction also influences life in general. So, the big question is….Are you happy at work?
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So what do you think? Are you happy and satisfied with your job? Or are you ready for a change, a fresh start, a new career? Dare to dream! This site will help you find your dream career!

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The Job Interview
The Job Interview is the single most important meeting where you get a chance to sell yourself. Knowing this, tends to make people more nervous at interviews. However, one needn’t be anxious if well prepared. Our interview tips should help you look smart, confident and well mannered thus increasing your chance of getting hired.

  • Research the company well. Before you go to a job interview find out what is the exact role of the post you intend the take up. Also find out about the company, visit their website, and find out about their mission statement and the operations.
  • Learn about your interviewer. Make sure you know his/her title and can pronounce their name correctly.
  • Prepare yourself for the typical interview questions. Make a list of questions they could possibly ask you and think of the best response. Don’t learn them off by heart. You won’t fool anyone that way! Click here for some typical interview questions.
  • Pay attention to your clothing. Dress appropriately. Be smart without being extravagant or over the top. A safe rule to follow, is to dress slightly smarter then you normally would for the position you’re being interviewed for.
  • Style your hair in a neat smart way and avoid excessive jewellery especially earrings (mainly on men).
  • Watch your hands, don’t colour your nails in extravagant weird colours and don’t wear too many rings
  • Arrive for the job interview on time. Before leaving home, account for possible traffic you might encounter on the way. Remember that late arrival for a job interview is never excusable.
  • Turn off your mobile phone before you enter the place of the job interview.

During the Job Interview

  • Introduce yourself in a polite manner, with an enthusiastic smile, and a firm handshake.
  • Wait until you are offered a chair before sitting down. Sit upright leaning a slight bit forward, look alert and interested at all times.
  • Listen, not just with your ears but with all your senses. Give non verbal feedback to your interviewer. This can be done through your body language. Nod, smile, maintain eye contact and don’t fidget.
  • Answer the questions directly. Do not ramble, stammer, stutter or appear undecided. Look as though you can take a decision and show initiative.
  • Do not smoke (not even if the interviewer offers you) and don’t chew gum.
  • When it’s your turn to ask the questions, make sure you have some to ask! Always ask about the next step in the process.
  • Do not ask about salary, leave or any other benefits during your first interview unless you are really sure that you are going to be hired.

Concluding the Job Interview

  • If you feel interested about the post, let the interviewer know. Don’t be discouraged if you get negative feedback. The interviewer might be trying to test your enthusiasm, or might need to consult other members of the company before taking a decision.
  • Thank the interviewer and offer your handshake before leaving.